🔥MetaChat AI Idol Producer: To the Moon or Stardom?

Pick your AI Idol! Or be on stage yourself!

3 min readApr 12


🎢Do you dream of being an idol, rising from obscurity to stardom right before everyone’s eyes? If you can’t achieve it IRL, MetaChat is here to give you a chance to take center stage and shine like a superstar in the metaverse!

This is the first season of MetaChat AI Idol Producer, an idol survival campaign featuring AI idols co-created with MetaChat. Do you have what it takes to become an idol and capture the audience's attention with amazing pictures? This is how you find out!

By entering our competition as a contestant, you will be eligible to👇

  1. Win a share of a prize pool of up to $2,000 USDT and SVP for future airdrops;

2. Win customized digital photo books featuring your AI idol;

3. Become a MetaChat ambassador and share the winnings from the promotion.

Event Period:

Apr 12, 2023 — Apr 28, 2023 (UTC)

👏How to participate:

1️⃣Create an AI idol and mint it as an NFT using MetaChat.

Click to watch the video tutorial

Step 1: Follow us and tweet!

Follow us first, or the magic won’t happen. Find any picture, but better profile pictures to generate high-quality images, and then tweet

#MCTeleport @0xMetaChat @username (*Tag your pals here) + 1 pic

Step 2: Here comes your new avatar!

After tweeting, you will receive a comment containing an AI-generated image and a mint link.

Step 3: Mint your avatar as an NFT! 5 styles/themes for you to CHOOSE from, which include original, gender-swapping, pixel art, humanoid cyborgs, back to childhood, and Harry Potter.

Choose one of the six generated images and mint it as an NFT, your first AI idol.

2️⃣Share your AI idol with the world!

Step 1: Share your AI idol on social media with the hashtag #MCAIIdol and include a self-introduction. For example:

Step 2:After completing the above steps, please share the Twitter link to the MetaChat telegram group.

NOTE: The AI idol will receive more rewards as the number of likes, retweets, and comments increases.

🚀Time to step into the spotlight and show off your talent and creativity by creating the next AI superstar! With concerted efforts, there is no doubt that we will have a glorious virtual carnival in the coming days!Պ




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