Introducing MetaChat

The futurecraft for next-gen social communication in the post-digital era driven by blockchain and AI, shifts the communication paradigm from information exchange to value exchange at the unified social network scale.

5 min readFeb 28, 2023


🚀 The revolution towards Communication 4.0

Communication has always been a crucial component of human interaction that hinges on and evolves with technology.

Communication 1.0 👥refers to face-to-face communication, which was the primary method of interaction before the emergence of modern technologies. Then we entered Communication 2.0 ✉️ when writing advanced, people started using letters to communicate over long distances, opening up new opportunities for interaction beyond physical proximity.

The advent of the Internet boom in the early 21st century gave rise to Communication 3.0 💻 where online instant messaging became dominant and radically transformed how we connect.

Now we are approaching the post-digital era driven by AI and blockchain; the question arises of how these cutting-edge technologies interrelated with cultural and societal factors will reshape human communication in Communication 4.0 ❓

evolution of communication

🔥 Pioneer of Communication 4.0

Meta refers to expanding social networks vertically, from human-to-human contact to human-computer interaction, as well as horizontally, by connecting various social channels like WhatsApp and Telegram.

MetaChat is a Web3 intelligent messaging protocol built on a unified social network. We question and explore the opportunities for future communication in the upcoming technological singularity accelerated by the complex interplay of AI and blockchain.

We position ourselves as the avant-garde and pioneer in Communication 4.0. Our ambition aims at not incrementally but fundamentally revolutionizing human communication by innovating MetaChat MetaNetwork, and MetaMessage.

structure of MetaChat


The trap of the digital Tower of Babel

Existing messaging applications are isolated walled gardens in Communication 3.0 age. Users must constantly switch between various social apps to reach out to their contacts which results in scattering their social data in pieces. Separate social networks become the digital communication barrier to set people apart.

In Communication 4.0, we need an ultimate open social network to unify dispersed communication channels. MetaNetwork is a unified social network, built on top of Matrix, a decentralized interoperable communication protocol. It is a great attempt to bridge distinct messaging networks to form the fundamental layer of the open social network.

MetaNetwork realizes a unified messaging channel and unified social database.

🔷The unified messaging channel is an infrastructure for universal communications.

  • All-In-One chat aggregator enables cross-app communications.
  • Seamless onboarding process. Users don’t have to stay on their friends’ preferred social apps.
super chat aggregator

🔷MetaChat aggregates users’ fragmented social graphs and rebuilds a unified social database to bring sovereignty back to individuals.

  • A complete social graph enables users to manage their contacts across distinct social networks.
  • Universal data management across all other social apps, including searching, sorting, and structuring.
cross-platform social data management


We redefine messages

In Communication 3.0, we, by default, narrowly view messages as vehicles for information. Yet, human communication evolves with technology that asks for a new interpretation of messages, the incarnation of human communication.

Especially regarding the latest heat of Chatgpt, which unprecedently starts a new era of human-machine communication, we are pushed to reconstruct the definition of communication and messages.

In the coming Communication 4.0, communication will extend from human-human to human-AI interaction, and messages, far beyond the medium for information, will also be seen as an interface with AI and a digital asset that conveys value.

MetaMessage is a revolutionary new form of messaging that integrates smart contracts and AI to expand the boundaries of future communication and streamline on-chain interactions via messages.

from information exchange to value exchange

The MetaMessage consists of two major parts, Smart Message, and AI Message.

🔷 Smart Message

Smart Message allows deploying and embedding smart contracts to messages. It revolutionizes the way we convey messages in the Web3-powered Communication 4.0 era. It releases individual social capital by capturing the value spawned in daily social activities through embedded smart contracts.

From BTC to ETH, we entered a new age of decentralized programmable platforms that ignited the dApp flame to drive mass cryptocurrency adoption. Similarly, MetaChat Smart Message would bring limitless possibilities and creativity to leverage the industry to the next dimension by adding a programmable feature to the simple message.

🔷 AI Message

MetaChat AI Message developed based on Chatgpt and Stable Diffusion is configured to enlarge the scope of future communication from human-human to human-machine.

On MetaChat, users can train their personalized chatbots and digital twin based on the social data generated or an all-purpose AI Guide for business projects to onboard new customers and keep the community in the loop.

With AI Message, users can convert valuable messages into AI NFTs assets via the embedded MetaChat AIGC engine. AI+Smart Message is an intelligent interface that allows app interaction and service via texts.

build your digital twin

🔔 Wrap-up

Step into the future with MetaChat — the ultimate social platform for innovators, dreamers, and creators. MetaChat is more than just a tool for socializing — it’s an incubator for creativity that casts a glance into the future and broadcasts seeds for infinite opportunities. Through AI and blockchain technology integration, we proudly provide the community with a next-gen social experience that pushes the envelope of what is possible.

Join us today 🎉and be part of a movement reshaping the future of social communication driven by cutting-edge technology. Let’s start from here to infinity; the future is yours with MetaChat. Պ




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