Introducing MetaBot by MetaChat

Embrace the age of AI with MetaBot

3 min readMar 24, 2023

📢We are proud to announce the launch of our new product MetaBot@DC, an AI-powered bot specifically developed to support the most advanced human-machine communication on Discord.

What is MetaBot@DC?

MetaBot@DC service is an extension of our flagship product MetaBot, a cross-platform intelligent bot trained and developed based on the latest GPT-4.

MetaBot@DC, deployed on Discord, is integrated into GPT-4 and MetaChat's self-developed AIGC engine to ensure users have first-of-its-kind social experiences enabled by AI and fun, effective interactions with projects they join.

What can we do?

We see three immediate use cases for MetaBot@DC V1:

1️⃣Your AI Moderator

How can users know your project in detail within the shortest possible time if all your information, be it pictures, text, video, or audio, is scattered in dispersed social media channels? People only get information in bits and pieces due to digital communication barriers preventing them from quickly getting a full picture of the project.

MetaBot is designed to obtain messages across omnichannel to be better equipped to answer questions and onboard new users. It can learn from white papers, blogs, media articles, technical documentation, etc., published by projects on their official website, Medium, Twitter, and Discord.

With all the knowledge it has accumulated, MetaBot is an orientation coordinator that provides 7/24 user support to the community in real time at a low cost.

2️⃣Multiple AI Characters

MetaBot can learn to imitate industry leaders and tailor answers based on their traits to get more engagement from the community.

Just imagine this scenario: when users go to the chatbot channel, the Elon Musk bot pops up and chats with them as if he himself is on the other side of the screen. Isn’t it surreal and surprising? Well, if they are not Elon Musk fans, we have other characters, including Socrates, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc., for them to choose from. They can also send requests for their ideal characters other than the above-mentioned, as we will develop and deploy more bots in the near future!

3️⃣AIGC messages

We have enabled the conversion of the most popular crypto jargon, like GM, GN, to the moon, hodl, FUD, LFG, WAGMI, when Lambo, etc., into images via our AIGC engine.

You can now create Discord channels using these slang terms as the trigger words to allow users to “cast magic spells” to increase community involvement and encourage playful interactions. They will be exhilarated to see how crypto memes can be visualized with the help of our powerful MetaBot.

🚀Embrace AI. Embrace MetaBot!

Metabot@DC, as part of the MetaChat intelligent protocol, explores the evolution of social communication powered by cutting-edge AI technology. We will continue to strive to produce more bot services that meet user demands on other platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, and the rest. Please stay tuned for our next big announcement around the corner!

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