✍️MetaChat Weekly Recap-04/21/2023

Are you on board the hype train of the MetaChat AI Idol Producer campaign? Only ONE week to go!

3 min readApr 24


👏GM, Պ fams!

Welcome back to the Weekly Newsletter of MetaChat, a Web3 intelligent messaging protocol for next-gen social communication powered by blockchain and AI.

📢TL;DR: Week 1 of the first season of MetaChat AI Idol Producer has just passed, and we have received some incredible artwork from our fans and quite a few KOLs.

Week 2 is in full swing, don’t hesitate to join us! Scroll down for more details!😉

Let’s go!!

🚩First, We Are Proud to Present some of the Best Artwork in MetaChat AI Idol Producer!

💗We are grateful to everyone participating in the MetaChat AI Idol Producer campaign! You have all poured time and effort into the creation process, letting your imaginations run wild and giving us a glimpse of the beautiful world in your mind!

We love your creative #AIGC images and the stories you write to go with them! Salute to @Charlhhh, @cryptonerd111, @monksferrari, @neuralink101 and many other participants! #MCAIIdol

There’s only one week left to participate in the MetaChat AI Idol Producer event, so don’t wait any longer! Also, please don’t forget to join our Telegram group and share the Twitter link of the #AI image you have generated! Only if you follow all the instructions will you receive a reward! Telegram link

Details: To the Moon or to Stardom

📢Second, Have You Noticed a New Prompt Enabled by MetaChat’s AIGC Model?

Okay, we all know that if you follow @0xMetaChat, tweet #MCTeleport @0xMetaChat, tag one friend and upload ONE image, you will generate a dozen images of 5 different styles! What if you change the prompt a bit by uploading two images? There you go!

Try our hidden ‘blending’ feature if you want to see what the future child of 2 random people might look like!😉

🎉Third, More #Giveaways and #Collaborations with Our Partners and KOLs!

We held two collab giveaways to provide additional prize pools for our ‘MetaChat #AI Idol Producer’!

  1. Midaswap, the first NFT modular Swap that has efficient liquidity with better depth for market making: 1,000 OAT
  2. Bit islands, a user-friendly & Web3-native platform that offers Web3 identities — #BiDID for free: 5 4-digit Bi DID #Freemint coupons worth of 160 USDT + A 4-digit Bi DID #Freemint coupon worth of 10 USDT for every participant

We have worked with a few popular KOLs on Twitter to encourage more users to try out this magical AIGC feature and create cute AI images that can be used as avatars or minted as NFTs. Can you tell who they were before their ‘transformation’?

🙌That’s pretty much of it! We hope you have a fantastic rest of the weekend!Պ




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